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Couples Counseling For Corporations Certificate Program Endorsements
Endorsements From Former Students

"Although I have more than a decade of mental health experience, Brief Therapy has enabled me to significantly expand and enrich my effectiveness as a therapist. Nancy Newport offers an ideal package as an instructor -- a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and the freedom to learn from our mistakes."

Stacey Hall, Crisis Therapist


"I have found this series of classes to offer learning experiences on many levels, both personally and professionally. This is a place where Nancy has made me feel safe enough to take a look at myself which has helped me transcend beyond simply learning techniques. Brief Therapy has become a way of thinking for me, which translates automatically to a way of doing with clients."

Kim Hughes, School Resource Specialist


"Nancy Newport is a dynamic professor with the incredible ability to inspire and facilitate change in the lives of her students. You will not only learn the skills of Brief Therapy to be an effective therapist, but you will also learn how to make positive changes in your own life."

Paula Ashton, Residential Counselor


"Nancy is an excellent teacher who is able to gently guide students while challenging their growth to become the therapist they want to become. Therapists will come away from Nancy's classes with valuable new skills and an ability to really hear their clients on several levels so that multiple possibilities can be explored."

Susan Humphrey, Emergency Therapist


"Nancy Newport is more than a teacher of Brief Therapy, she teaches good life skills, good people skills, and her positive high regard and optimism is contagious. You will reach goals you didn't realize you had!"

Phyllis Martin, EAP Counselor


"When I began the Brief Therapy journey, I fully expected to be challenged to improve my clinical knowledge and skills. Little did I know that this journey would not only be professional, but a personal one and that what I would be challenged to consider would make me a better therapist, teacher, coach, daughter, sister, mentor, and friend. Nancy's enthusiasm, expertise, and passion for her work to serve the planet is incredible. Nancy has challenged me to trust myself and invited me to celebrate my individuality as a therapist."

Kim Parker, Substance Abuse Clinician

"I've opened my mind's door through Brief Therapy. Nancy Newport has been an inspiration, a magnificent guide, and a teacher who teaches from the heart. It shines in her eyes."

Angelia Smiley, Assessment Counselor


"Nancy Newport is an outstanding educator of Brief Therapy techniques that provides the ways, means, and motivation to make small changes that have enormous impact in difficult clinical situations!"

Jim McCluskey, Clinical Therapist


"Nancy's course helped me develop a level of confidence in my capacity to engage clients in the change process. Nancy's passion for the value of Brief Therapy is refreshing, contagious, and inspiring."

Katie Garnett, Home-based therapist


"The benefits gained from taking Brief Therapy with Nancy Newport spill out into all aspects of my life and I am a better person for it. A new way of viewing people and their problems comes out of this course and you will never again go back to the old way of looking at life."

Fred Sitzer, Graduate Student


"Brief Therapy with Nancy Newport has invited a transformation in my life as an individual and professional. Nancy's warmth and enthusiasm about the field of therapy and all the possibilities it offers is contagious!"

Michelle Market, Graduate Student


"I cannot say enough about Nancy! She is not only an effective teacher and therapist, but a mentor, coach and truly wonderful human being!"

Julie Morris, Residential Counselor


"Brief Therapy is not about learning another theoretical approach to use with clients. Learning Brief Therapy with Nancy Newport has been an opportunity to gain knowledge, understanding, and respect within ourselves and others while being given the tools to provide effective, goal-oriented therapy within the counseling community. Nancy's intelligence, wit, and passion for Brief Therapy provides the ultimate learning experience for anyone interested in learning about Brief Therapy."

Jolie Atkins, Graduate Student


"Nancy's style of teaching makes learning comfortable. By participating in these courses, I have developed greater acceptance of myself and others."

Ruth Brown, Substance Abuse/Mental Health Therapist


"Nancy Newport's teaching of Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy has dramatically enhanced my career. Since beginning her classes I have changed jobs, received a promotion, and started my private practice. With the skills you learn from Nancy Newport, you are well prepared to go forth and succeed. She is an intelligent, skillful, and mentoring person who is able to positively effect your life in so many ways."

Sheila Donaldson, Mental Health Therapist


"The growth in my personal and professional life has been tremendous, thanks to the knowledge and skills I acquired in Nancy's Brief Therapy class."

Pamela Persinger, Mental Health Therapist


"Nancy provides an environment that invites an individual to bring his resources to the learning arena and that will take you on a spiritual journey and develop your skills to endless possibilities."

Susan Gwynn, Senior Psychologist


"Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy should be a required course for all professionals in Human Services."

Glenroy Robinson, Clinical Supervisor


"Nancy Newport has a great sense of humor, lightheartedness and tremendous knowledge in the field of Brief Therapy."

Susan Goddard, Guidance Counselor


"Nancy doesn't teach by talking, she teaches by showing. There is nothing more memorable than that."

Lisa DeMarco, Counselor


"Nancy is the most respectful, wise, warm, and caring teacher I have ever had. The Solution-Oriented Brief Therapy course has made me more spiritually alive, centered, and powerful as a person and a therapist. My therapeutic relationships with clients have been deeper, stronger, and healthier. I have grown so much as a person and a therapist, and I have been able to help all of my clients grow as well."

Kat Vaughn, Case Manager and Therapist Intern


"Guard well within yourself that treasure, kindness. Know how to give without hesitation, how to lose without regret, how to acquire without meanness."

- George Sand

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